The Elders in Hawaii - Videos

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Sharing The Elders' important messages of peace, compassion, ethical leadership, and being part of the global community is one of the main goals of their visit. To be sure the message can be shared with as many people as possible, videos of the events in full have been posted. 

Ethical Leadership In A Rapidly Changing World

Friday, August 29, 2014 -- Leadership Forum Talk, “Ethical Leadership in a Radiple Changing World.”

Members of The Elders spoke directly to leaders of Hawaii on creating a world where people live in peace, conscious of their common humanity and their shared responsibilities, and how ethical leadership and sound governance is vital to achieving this vision. This talk was co-sponsored by the Hawaii Leadership Forum.

Leaders Make The Future: The Wisdom Of Elders And Youngers

Saturday, August 30, 2014 -- Student Talk, “Leaders Make the Future: The Wisdom of Elders and Youngers”

This event was for high school and college students and was meant to help youth on their path towards ethical leadership, to encourage compassionate and responsible behavior, and to instill hope for the future of Hawaii and the world. 

A Just And Inclusive Global Community

Sunday, August 31, 2014 -- Public Talk, “A Just and Inclusive Global Community”

The Elders spoke to the general public about global citizenship and equality, and how these can help empower individuals, youth and civil society groups, leading to a better future for all. 

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